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President of Ireland

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President of Ireland

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President performs the official opening of the “Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger” exhibition

Wednesday, 07th March, 2018

Time: 18:00

Location: Dublin Castle

The President unveiled artworks at an exhibition entitled 'Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger' 

At the exhibition’s launch at Dublin Castle, the President thanked the organisers and representatives of Quinnipiac University, which the President says is "a university which has emerged as a leading centre of understanding of An Gorta Mór."

The President has also written the preface to the exhibition's catalogue, in which he said that "An Gorta Mór was a defining moment in the history of modern Ireland and a turning point in the history of our people." 

The President has written and spoken about the Great Hunger on a number of occassions, including in these speeches:

* Unveiling of 'Footsteps' (2017): 
* 'The economic debate: from the Great Famine to Today' (2017): 
* Remarks to representatives of the Choctaw nation (2017): 
* Remarks marking UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty (2016): 
* 'Recalling, Remembering and Learning from the Great Famine' (2016): 
* ‘Feeding the World in 2050′ (2013): 
* Remarks at Hunger-Nutrition-Climate Justice Conference (2013): 
* Remarks at the Famine Museum (2013): 
* 'Reflecting on the Gorta Mór' (2012):